why arts?

why choose a performing arts preschool?

Self Confidence +
When kids tackle new challenges and gain new skills, their self-confidence increases. As your child learns how to dance, sing and move on stage, they’re growing not just as an arts student, but as an individual.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Many school aged children feel extreme anxiety when presenting to their class. Building confidence now will carry over in the future.

Creativity +
Children are innately creative. Whether they’re acting out a story book, playing an instrument or taking a ballet class, they’re engaging their creative spirits. Working to master each creative challenge will encourage them to think in new and different ways.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: As technology continues to dominate society, the art of creativity will be coveted.

Teamwork +
The show must go on. The performing arts encompasses so many different roles – actors, directors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, and more – requiring everyone to work together. Children enrolled in performing arts classes gain social skills and learn how to collaborate.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: In Kindergarten, and on up the ladder, working well with others is essential for group projects, team sports and more.

Adaptability +
Students of the arts learn how to be flexible when technical or other challenges arise. Through these experiences, even preschoolers can learn flexibility and improvisation.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Learning how to think on your feet is an important life skill- useful in friendships, school and in the workforce.

Fun +
There is plenty of time for school to be serious, but preschool is supposed to be FUN. Each child will explore movement, timing, drama, comedy, rhythm and more. Combined with a good dose of theatrics and humor, their natural personalities will shine through.
REAL WORLD APPLICATION: Developing a love for learning is priceless. Children that participate in meaningful play in preschool are taught how to enjoy the learning process.