typical day


a typical day at The Learning Stage!

Learning Centers
Learning Centers are an active, free-choice learning experience. Children explore and discover through hands-on play. Learning Centers may include theme-of-the week projects, dramatic play, building blocks, art and sensory play. Centers are designed to teach math, reading, writing and more!

Stories & Theater
Sharing with each other is an important part of our daily routine. We gather in a large group to share songs, puppet shows, counting and language games, character building, books and more! This time is typically focused around a specific story in connection with our academic theme-of-the-week.

Snack/Bathroom Break

Music & Dance
While our preschoolers explore basic academic concepts, our primary focus is teaching through the performing arts on a daily basis. Each day will have a different emphasis – dance, music or theater.

Instruments & Songs + In partnership with Joyous Noise (a Kindermusik program), students are exposed to a diverse selection of music. From familiar nursery rhymes to songs from around the world, students are learning through rhythm and song. Using manipulatives (feather dusters, balls, spoons, paper cups, etc.) and musical instruments (drums, tambourines, bells and more), preschoolers develop fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, and increase their vocabularies and understanding of language structures.

Ballet & Tap + Students will explore rhythm, coordination and gross motor skill movement in their dance class. These activities encourage preschoolers to listen, focus, follow directions and work with others. Dance is an excellent avenue for teaching math and language. *Ballet and tap shoes required*


Good-Bye Circle
This is our closing routine. At this time we have teacher-led discussion encouraging the children to review the day’s activities and pack up. We will conclude with a good-bye song.