what is our teaching philosophy?

“Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.” 

Emergent +
We believe learning occurs when a child is genuinely connected to the subject. This philosophy focuses on student participation, collaboration and inquiry through play-based learning. Our staff will build a strong relationship with each child, and will adapt accordingly to ensure they flourish in the classroom.

Montessori +
Students in our program will build independence as we encourage them to be responsible for themselves. They will be given freedom of movement around the classroom, and the chance to learn through working with objects, rather than by direct instruction. Our daily routine will help teach independence, as students learn what is expected of them.

Waldorf +
The performing arts provide the perfect teaching tool to encourage imagination and creativity. Students learn through imitation and experimentation, allowing learning by example. Our students have a hands-on experience with singing, acting and/or dancing on a daily basis. We do not use computers or televisions in our classrooms.